Solstices and Equinoxes


Source:Solstice and equinox dates

Astrology plays an important roles in ancient civilizations like Egypt ,Sumeria and China.Because their deep connections to agricultures and societies,solstices and equinoxes were celebrated by both nobles and civilians in China for over a thousand years.And this blog is intended  to introduce some activities and customs popular on these four special days.On spring equinox, people in the capital will hold ceremonies to celebrate the coming of spring and offer sacrifices to their ancestors in exchange for blessing the harvest,while farmers in the countryside would begin their cultivation for the next year with children flying kites in the fields.On summer solstice,all citizens will have a three-day holiday(though I don’t know why) and many would like to eat mutton and beef because they believe that such diets will enhance their resistance to epidemics that are prevalent in the summer.On autumn equinox, governments will hold rituals to celebrate the harvest of this year and farmers will offer parts of their gains to the government on certain days around the autumn equinox.And on winter solstice, people will also celebrate it as the day of shortest sunlight time and have warm foods to avoid the invasion of diseases.

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